Thursday, November 4, 2010

Festive Foods!!!

I don't know if I have made this clear, but I love food.
I love it. It is a friend, art, and comfort. Food brings people together,
and I think it's one of things that God gave us for pleasure. He didn't have to create Adam and Eve with a need for sustainance, but He did!
And I am thankful for that :)

Some particular foods make me feel even more festive once the holiday season rolls around.
(I also love the holidays. I lump halloween, thanksgiving, christmas, and new years into one great big season of joy!)

These images aren't my own :)

Pumpkin Seeds! Or any other kind of squash seeds, really. Butternut is especially good, I think.
What could be better than a bowl of salty, crunchy, nutty seeds sitting strategically on the counter so you can grab a handful when you pass by? My friend Rachel is a champion pumpkin seed roaster. We polished off three-pumpkins-and-a-butternut-squash's worth of seeds in a day or two.

Eggnog!!! Okay, so I know eggnog isn't for everyone. But I think this stuff should be. I was thrilled about eggnog season, and decided to try Hood's Sugar Cookie Eggnog on a whim. Holy creamy crazy good but bad for you but I don't care deliciousness! I'm not exaggerating when I say it's the best tasting liquid I have ever put in my mouth. I drank the whole carton in two days. I MUST have more. But the thing is, I want to try a new flavor, because I'm sure it'll be equally as good, but I can't imagine walking out of the store without that liquid cookie heaven in my bag. Maybe I'll get two cartons this time :)

Pomegranate. Easily, Easily my favorite fruit. I love the process of opening them, even. I'm very careful not to rupture a single seed. I love that bitter-sweet taste, the incredible texture, and the fact they're so pretty you could make jewelry out of them! For some reason, I think they have a decadence to them that I've never experienced in a fruit.

And finally, sweet potato casserole. My mother's is unmatched. Thanksgiving would not be Thanksgiving without it.

Those are my top four. What are your favorite holiday foods?


  1. Nothing says holiday to me like Mama's dressing recipe does :)

    I also love sweet potato casserole per Mommy. And there's something about pie ... I like fall/winter pies way better than summer ones. Something about the richness and creaminess with a homemade crust ... mmmm :)

  2. Oh man.
    Those squash seeds are so so so yummy.
    And sooo salty and amazingly delicious.
    And- they come free with the purchase of any pumpkin or winter squash!
    Love it.