Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Over fall break, we went to my mister's old farm/house/cabins and stuff.

I would like to live here, please.

My mister is so very handsome :)

He is also a cat whisperer.

He drove me all around the motocross tracks. He turned too sharp. We flipped over.

What a perfect day.

If we installed an oven, it would be perfect.

I like garages.

The End.


  1. 1. you are welcome to do so.
    2. agree
    3. agree
    4. no one told me about this so that I could worry and fuss.
    5. agree
    6. Me, too.

  2. Kelly, this is gorgeous!
    Are these film photos? Such a perfect country-atmosphere about them.
    Is this the house that Colton lives in?

  3. Yep, they're film :)
    I generally shoot in film.
    And he actually lives in Birmingham now, but he used to live here. Most of these photos were taken at their little cabin that is across the pond from the house. It's just gorgeous!