Monday, August 22, 2011


So much has happened, and is happening.

If you're interested in hearing about it, check out my new blog:

Monday, June 27, 2011

Jesus Fish!!!

Big things are brewing around here!!!

First off, I shot my first wedding on film. My sweet friend Millie and her new husband Andrew tied the knot on Saturday! Congrats! I'll post some of my pictures once I scan them - I did a preview look, and I'm really happy! Maybe I'll be a real-life photographer after all :)

Secondly, my wedding is in less than two weeks! I've been making paper roses like nobody's business... I'll post some pictures of the decorations too :)

Thirdly, and here's the kicker - I NEED YOUR HELP!

Do you want to know why? Because my fiancee and his best friend are fabulously talented filmmakers who have a story that HAS to be made. It's been brewing for years, and the screenplay is one of the large factors that got Bryce into the American Film Institute (Which is basically the Yale of film school - they only accept like... 30 applicants for screenwriting per year.)

They've set up a kickstarter for fundraising - see the link below! Please watch the video, and if you have a few spare dollars, support us! We need your money!!! Also, word of mouth and prayers are coveted :)

Look how awesome!!!
This is not the video. Click the link!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sequin time!

Okay, I know they're a little on the tacky side at times....

But I love sequins. I love them.

Ever since I was a kid, I've been attracted to anything that can cast rainbows on the wall -

The crystal pendant hanging in my grandmother's window, for example.

So it makes me really happy when I'm sitting in the car and my shoes look like disco balls, casting little diamond specks all over the dashboard :)

My friends and I really for a "Silly Party" featured in a short film. But that jacket I'm wearing is one of my prized possessions. And to be honest, that dress liz is wearing is mine too :)

My clothing mantra is Wear What You Feel Like! So my choices can be a bit eccentric, but I always feel good in what I'm wearing.

One night while I was away at Colton's, my friends at school invaded my closet and went out on the town as "Classy Ladies". They sent me the pictures, and I laughed so much. But part of me thinks they look kindof fabulous :)

"Classy ladies love to read."

"Classy ladies love William Jennings Bryan."

"Classy ladies love to work out."

They're ridiculous. I love them.

But I would like to make the case that sequins really can be classed up - check out these lovely items.
Dress by Mandalay

Skirt from

Caplet from TopShop

The Shine is Fine!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Weddings on the Brain

It's a summer of weddings! At least 20 people from my graduating class are tying the knot this summer. That's great, but we're all really close, and so it's really hard to choose which weddings to go to, and which to miss. One of Colton's film friends won't be able to attend our wedding because he's a groomsman in another on the same day a few states away. We'll miss you, Bryan Boling!

It's nice to be able to focus more on wedding things now that I'm out of school. I found it really hard to prioritize at the end of semester, so the wedding was put on the backburner.

But I think it's all coming together now. I love the bridesmaids outfits. Here are a few of them, although there are nine altogether. (I couldn't find pictures of the others, but one is cream, one is a blue skirt and floral top, and the last for Cassie is a demin chambray dress her grandmother is making! So nice.)

I'm trying to come up with ways to save money but still have special details - for the centerpieces, instead of having flowers only, I'm going to make paper flowers and birds out of scrapbook paper to display bouquet-style in mason jars. If you have any good patterns, please let me know!

Colton's getting really ancy to get married. I am too, really - we're both just so excited. We're in the home stretch!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Last Stand of the Clique

Well we did it!

And what I mean is that I graduated from college yesterday. Whoo!!!

But it was really sad to leave my friends... We've been together since the beginning. We'll see each other several times this summer since there are so many weddings, but we wanted to do something special before we split.

And that something special is another ridiculous Justin Bieber Music Vid!!!!

Peace Out, A-Town Down.

Monday, April 25, 2011


There's a new tea store in the mall called Teavana.

I went in to poke around while my mom was in the bathroom,

and they managed to give me 6 or 7 samples of delicious tea,

and thus dupe me into buying some.

I'm a sucker.

And I don't like pushy sales people.

But I have to admit, this is a really good cup of tea.

White Ayurvedic Chai.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend

Once again, a long absence!

I swear, it's not intentional.

But guess what I've been doing?

1. I spent all afternoon last week calling caterers and rental houses.
2. I finished my senior thesis.
3. I present my thesis for an undergraduate research conference, and also for my department the next day.
4. I entered a nature art contest.
5. I attended a few showings at the Nashville Film Festival. (And didn't at all understand Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives)
6. I came down with a bit of a case of Food Poisoning :(
7. But Colton cradled my head in his lap and patted my face with a cool washcloth :)
8. I got a Pinterest! Here's my pinboard. It only has four pins so far, but it's a start! Note - my username is Kelly Davie. The first time I'm using my new name! (Okay, so I won't actually have it for a few months more, but my actual name was already taken. Plus, now I don't have to change it!)

That's about it, really.
Graduation Fast Approaches!

And to that, I saw Cowabunga, Dude.

I'm hoping that someone will get me a longboard as a present. :)