Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sequin time!

Okay, I know they're a little on the tacky side at times....

But I love sequins. I love them.

Ever since I was a kid, I've been attracted to anything that can cast rainbows on the wall -

The crystal pendant hanging in my grandmother's window, for example.

So it makes me really happy when I'm sitting in the car and my shoes look like disco balls, casting little diamond specks all over the dashboard :)

My friends and I really for a "Silly Party" featured in a short film. But that jacket I'm wearing is one of my prized possessions. And to be honest, that dress liz is wearing is mine too :)

My clothing mantra is Wear What You Feel Like! So my choices can be a bit eccentric, but I always feel good in what I'm wearing.

One night while I was away at Colton's, my friends at school invaded my closet and went out on the town as "Classy Ladies". They sent me the pictures, and I laughed so much. But part of me thinks they look kindof fabulous :)

"Classy ladies love to read."

"Classy ladies love William Jennings Bryan."

"Classy ladies love to work out."

They're ridiculous. I love them.

But I would like to make the case that sequins really can be classed up - check out these lovely items.
Dress by Mandalay

Skirt from Asos.com

Caplet from TopShop

The Shine is Fine!!!

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  1. Classy ladies love sequins! Miss you, Smell! :)