Monday, June 27, 2011

Jesus Fish!!!

Big things are brewing around here!!!

First off, I shot my first wedding on film. My sweet friend Millie and her new husband Andrew tied the knot on Saturday! Congrats! I'll post some of my pictures once I scan them - I did a preview look, and I'm really happy! Maybe I'll be a real-life photographer after all :)

Secondly, my wedding is in less than two weeks! I've been making paper roses like nobody's business... I'll post some pictures of the decorations too :)

Thirdly, and here's the kicker - I NEED YOUR HELP!

Do you want to know why? Because my fiancee and his best friend are fabulously talented filmmakers who have a story that HAS to be made. It's been brewing for years, and the screenplay is one of the large factors that got Bryce into the American Film Institute (Which is basically the Yale of film school - they only accept like... 30 applicants for screenwriting per year.)

They've set up a kickstarter for fundraising - see the link below! Please watch the video, and if you have a few spare dollars, support us! We need your money!!! Also, word of mouth and prayers are coveted :)

Look how awesome!!!
This is not the video. Click the link!!!

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