Friday, January 14, 2011


Gosh, guys.

It seems like I'm the most inconsistent blogger to ever have a blog.


In other news, I've decided to turn over a new leaf health-wise.
I've always been really skinny (sometimes tooooo skinny! I looked like Gollum in high school), but I'm certainly not in shape.

I get winded walking across the parking lot to chapel.


In order to try and build my mister a hot honeymoon bod (I mean, really. It's such a good incentive to be a little more trimmed and toned when you know someone is going to see you NAKED in six months. How weird!) I've been working out a little and trying to make wiser food decisions!

I'm terribly proud of myself, because I love, love, love food. I love it.
So I certainly can't sacrifice taste and that nice luxurious feeling when you're eating something divine.

I've been eating a lot of artisan lettuce with lots of dried fruit and a homemade dressing (lemon, zest, olive oil, pepper, ginger, a little sugar). I'm trying to use less butter when I'm cooking (which is probably the hardest thing. I love butter) and trying to drink water with every meal. (Although I'm still allowing myself a morning coffee. And possibly an evening coffee.)

Also, I've been doing a pretty intense yoga video (I can do the crow!) and yesterday I did 75 lunges and some crunches and tricep things and curls. Plus, I went sort-of snowboarding for a few hours in the, might I suggest, ridiculous blanket of snow on the ground. Hello... this is Tennessee. I have not been snowed in since 1993, and I didn't like it one bit. (Except I admit it's very pretty and I like to play in it. However, it prevented me from getting to the store, so I had to eat only oranges, coffee, plain rice, and stale crackers for two days.)

Let's hope I can keep it up!

More about engagement later.


  1. Seems like a lot of us are trying to get in shape these days. Can't say I'm doing it for the same reasons you are, though. ;) You are so adorable!

    Still excited to hear about the engagement when you put it up! And, you can call me Linja whenever you like. Smile.

  2. congrats to you! on the engagement note and the honeymoon plans :)
    I have also been very skinny my whole life. and I know how hard it is to gain some weight and feel healthy. adorable blog - glad I found you.

  3. holy cow!
    first of all, engaged! that's awesome.
    secondly, you are hilarious. no beating around the bush here!
    thirdly, it is awesome that you're just going headfirst into all this! good luck, kelly girl!

  4. You're amazing Kelly. And far from the most inconsistent blogger I know :)

  5. cute, cute, cute! I like your blog, a lot.
    Rylie from