Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wedding plans are on my mind!

I like to plan things!

I like to plan events!

I love to decorate!

I love dresses!

So this whole wedding-plans deal is a really happy experience for me.

We have a photographer. (One Love Photo... they're some of the only ones we've found who use film.)

I have a dress. (Yeah!)

We have a date, and a location. (Colton's family farm in Montgomery... It's beautiful, and only about an hour and a half away from his house. Around four from mine, but we were thinking a small-ish wedding anyway.)

I'm working on bridesmaid dresses... (I'm making a pool of twenty+ dresses in differents shades and prints of blue, and my bridesmaids will just pick out what they like! I like different hues and patterns mixed together.)

Colton is alot more interested in the plans than I thought he would be. I like that :)

Here are some pictures of the farm, (it's the same farm I've posted pictures of before) including some cute shots of Bryce and Kaity.

Colton and I are getting married under this perfect tree!

And this is the reception spot.

Hurray!!!! I love him. I love him!


  1. Big smile.
    Big smile.
    Big smile.

  2. I just saw your blue bird wedding countdown on the top of your blog -- it's adorable!
    I'm glad the wedding plans are coming along smoothly -- the pictures of the location look fabulous!

  3. Kelly! That IS incredible.
    So pretty.

    I feel like you have such a neat, old-fashioned [in a good way] style that I just love.

    Aw, this is going to be pretty.

  4. Great shots! Your wedding is going to be gorgeous - I wish I would have gotten married outside. Woulda shoulda coulda... I also love what you're going to do with your bridemaids dresses! Awesome option to include individuality.

    One quick note, from someone who's been there, done that - our wedding was shot in film, and I wish we could have done it in digital. "Wish" isn't a strong enough word... I want future me to shake past me and say "change this! if nothing else, do digital!" My husband and I love film, but it was such a headache to share the pictures, put them on my blog, make copies... ugh. Plus, we could have gotten two, maybe three times more pictures if we went digital. And when you eliminate almost half the shots (maybe more?) because of awkwardness... well, those extra pictures would have been nice.

    I'm not one to dictate your wedding (you don't even know me!) but like I said, if I could change anything, it would be my photos. But your day will be lovely, no matter what!

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