Thursday, February 24, 2011

List Time!

I love lists.

10 things I like best

1. Being with Colton!

2. Taking pictures with Colton!

3. Giving Colton a big ol' Smackaroo! (which in Kelly lingo can either be a dollar or a kiss. In this case I mean a kiss)

4. Watching movies with Colton!

5. Listening to Colton do the Dr. Barnett voice, or the Bernie Belisle voice, or any voice really.

6. Being engaged to Colton!

7. Eating with Colton!

8. Lamb!

9. Creme Brulee!

10. Ice Cream! (and also snowcones, if they are allowed to be under the category of ice cream)

10 things I like least

1. Having wet socks and shoes

2. Indian Sunburns

3. Regular Sunburns

4. Bananas

5. Forgetting important things

6. Pooping in a public bathroom

7. Pinches

8. Wine

9. The consistency of beans

10. Being defeated in Cash Cab, or Jeopardy, or Trivial Pursuit, or any other trivia game.


  1. Hahahaha! I love it. (I also hate the consistency of beans.)

  2. YES!! I hate pooping in public bathrooms! I'm glad it's not just me... it's so awkward, because the person who goes in after you knows... and you want to apologize but that would just make it worse...

    Sunburns stink too.