Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Back from Space (or Birmingham, rather...)

Man, oh Man!
It's been forever, huh? I'll try to make this an extra good one to make up for it :)

First on the docket: I have been listening to The Grecian Urns album NONSTOP. I absolutely adore it. The Grecian Urns are led by Bryce, who happens to be one of Colton's best friends. (And my own.) He also has a band at school, which Colton and I are in, called the Little Foxes, and we play alot of the same songs. They're better, though. Especially when Colton goes down to Florida to play with them :)
They're not signed... they recorded the album in the Norris's basement, and they're playing a little tour of about twelve shows. If you have a spare $9.90, then you should DEFINITELY go to itunes and buy their album. It's called Lovedream. I promise, promise, promise you won't regret it! They have a great sound... something I would call Indie Florida Soul Groove :)

Here are two of my favorite songs for your enjoyment! The video might take a few minutes to load, so feel free to scroll down to the other stuff and come back.

ps, Colton took all the black and white photos :)

In other news, I had an absolutely fantastic trip to Birmingham! Here are some pictures I took as documentation (minus a roll, which I accidentally left at April's...)

We went to a petting zoo one morning! We made friends with this pony.

This little guy was my favorite. I have such a thing for donkeys. He was so sweet :)

I was a little scared that this peacock was gonna peck me, so I kept my distance :)

April and I had a lot of cooking adventures. This one didn't turn out so well. That's supposed to be bacon for our picnic potato salad. Good thing we had some extra, huh?

One night, we went to Firebirds for dinner. I had an out-of-this-world salad with lime-cilantro vinagerette topped with the best crab cakes I've ever tasted. Yum-o!

Doesn't she look pretty?

We also made the quintessential SnoBiz stop. Passionfruit Strawberry and Guava Pinapple Coconut.
(Ps, those are legs, not fingers.)

Next we went to the art museum!

We think this guy looks like he's going to puke in the Ewer. (This is from the Beeson's crazy enormous Wedgewood collection. I mean, really. Who needs that many dishes?)

Our homemade Mushroom Ravioli. Looks delish, eh?
Over the week, we made:
Bruschetta, Corn and Poblano soup, Curry chicken salad, Potato salad with bacon, Pasta, Frozen Strawberry Lemonade, Salsa, French Toast, Peanut butter cup cookies, Chocolate ice cream with strawberries and Toasted Almonds... and probably a few other things that I can't remember at the moment.

It sure did take a long time, though! Almost three hours, altogether. I think it'd be easier to use a pasta maker instead of a rolling pin :)

And we had a bit of an oops... April decided that sticking her spoon in the blender to stir the filling would be okay. The blender decided her spoon looked tasty. We had to chew carefully :)

Then off to the Davie's!!! What sweet brothers they are :)

Nice jump, Colton. (He did a flip, not a belly flop... I just pressed the shutter a little early.)

Beautiful sister Alexandra!

Playing Hide and Seek with Jay...

Hiding from Lucy

They really are so sweet.

And Jay LOVES to spin.

We also went to the Lewis farm (Mrs. Davie's side of the family) to celebrate Mimi's birthday. Which included watermelon and my first ride on a four wheeler!

This is Grayson, one of the cousins. He's sooo funny! He has this great little country accent.

Siblings :)
The Davie kids are: (from oldest to youngest) Colton, Luke, Vitalik, Alexandra, Vicka, Roman, and Jaylen. Vitalik, Vicka, Roman, and Jaylen were all adopted recently! (Well, from a couple of years ago to a few months ago. Vicka still can't speak english yet, but she's working on it!)

Vitalik and Allan, who is Mrs. Davie's stepfather. He's an excellent watermelon carver.

Colton found this scooter and immediately started zooming around everywhere :)

And finally, the new baby! Just three weeks old, adopted by Colton's aunt and uncle.  We all had fun holding and feeding him.

So that was my week in Birmingham! Once I get that other roll back from April, I may put up a few more of my favorites. I hope that all of you ladies had an equally wonderful week :)


  1. Wow, so many pictures!
    Your photography is so killer.
    The little donkey is ADORABLE, and I think it's so, so funny that you had to clarify that your legs were not fingers. Oh my gosh no one would ever mistake my legs for my fingers! ha ha
    Cute stuff!

  2. awesome pictures!! loved having this peek into your week :)