Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back in Bham!

Right now, I'm sitting at an island in Colton's kitchen, listening to the sounds of a jam session floating up from the basement. (All of Colton's siblings and friends are absurdly talented.)

It's Colton's birthday!!! I already gave him the bulk of his present... a set of 15 photography books, which will hopefully be helpful to refer back to once he's a brilliant cinematographer. (Well... not that he isn't already. But once he's known as such.) I need to come up with something else quick though! I'm working on a little song for him, but I'm not quite done yet. Maybe I'll just make him a sappy little card before tonight.

The poor  dear has an infection spreading from his toe all the way up his shin... I took him to the ER the other night, right after wrap (of the film he was shooting). He's on antibiotics now, so hopefully it'll get better soon. He's hobbling around a little for the moment, though :)

 I technically forgot to bring my camera this go around, so no pictures! But I'm hopefully gonna meet up with April for lunch one day, and she's gonna give me the photo cd I left at her place, so I can post a few more photos from last time.

 I hope you guys are having a lovely week!!!


  1. Poor Colton!
    And...how far away are you and April?

  2. He's getting better now! No more limping. He actually went wakeboarding yesterday, so I think that's a good sign :)

    And April and I are about three hours apart. Not too bad :)