Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I have abandoned you!
I didn't mean to.
I don't think I'm used to blogging regularly yet...
But I've tried to keep up with everybody else's as much as I could.

I'm going to try and catch everybody up with my goings on, but without writing a novel :)

1) I've been spending alot of time in Birmingham. Here's some pictures of recent times...
One afternoon, Colton and April and I went out for some delicious sushi! I thought his glass was too cool not to take a picture of.

My sweet sister :)

Colton showed me this crazy factory with big, fiery smokestacks. I hope that's steam...

Colton is so talented :)  Check out his flickr photostream Here:

And guess what? Colton and I, along with our friends Bryce and Kaity, went to a Spoon and Arcade Fire concert! It was absolutely fantastic.

We were pretty pumped.

My Mister Moves us to Marietta (at least, I'm pretty sure where the concert was. I get Marietta and Alpharetta a little confused.)

Bryce and Kaity were happy to be reunited after she spend the summer in the Middle East, and he was busy doing shows with his band, The Grecian Urns. Check out their album on itunes!

I was glad to spend some time with her.

2) Shopping!
I generally buy most of my clothes at goodwill on the 1st saturday of the month half off sale. I don't have any money :)
But! Mommy and Daddy said that they would buy me some new clothes for school. Here's some things I got!

These booties from the DSW clearance room... about $25, I think.

I've been wanted a pair of lace up boots like this for ages... I thought I was crazy, but when I got the Urban Outfitters fall catalog, I felt completely vindicated. I ordered these from an Etsy seller, and I can't wait for them to get here!!!

Denim shirt/jacket from Charlotte Russe

Pretty floral dress from Charlotte Russe

Slammin lace minidress from Charlotte Russe (to be worn with skinny jeans and my new boots)

Laceless Steve Madden Oxfords from DSW. Mine are black patent leather, and only $10!

Levi skinny jeans. I love them because they're mid rise instead of being ultra low like most skinny jeans.

I think I'm set for fall.

3) Cooking.
My mom's visiting April in Birmingham (hurray! She hasn't gotten to visit in ages) so I've been cooking up a storm. I made:

Curry chicken salad
Fettucine Alfredo with chicken and steamed broccoli
Lemon Panna Cotta
(Here's some pictures...)

All the ingredients...
Infusing the lemon rind...
Poured up :)
I snuck a taste last night after they had set... unfortunately, it's a lot less like creme brulee and a lot more like Jello than I was hoping... :)

Maybe Mommy'll like it anyway.


  1. Aww what a fabulous post! some great pictures there too! :)

  2. :) I want to plop Nashville and Chattanooga and Birmingham all right next to each other so everybody I love most will be very close together. I miss you.

    Also, you are the best photographer. I am so jealous of your skills :)

  3. Oh yay Kelly! Glad you are back and with really awesome pictures of your time away. That always justifies :)