Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back 2 Skool (as titled by Colton, in jest)

I got my film processed last night!
Pictures always help me tell stories.

Rach got a new internship at Bob Corker's office (He's a politician), so Kate, Erin, and I tagged along to wander around the city while she got her security badge.

We stopped for coffee at Starbucks, and wrote down a huge list of things to do this fall (such as the Ham Festival, the Apple Festival, the Bluegrass Festival, etc. We like festivals.)

We felt like such hipsters. Or at least I did.

Then we saw this buffalo.

That night, Jordan and the guys cooked us a stinking delicious dinner of seared chicken with mango salsa, served with rice atop a bed of spinach. I provided apple streudel for dessert.

Phillip and Cameron enjoyed themselves.

Saturday came the All-College Picnic. I snuck Colton in too, because he came to visit us! (That's Kaity, though, not Colton.)

Tommy smuggled quite a few sandwiches out in a gym bag.

I met Haddassah after lunch, who is the new baby of Melanie and Andrew. She's a little doll :)

Bryce bought this shirt at the Goodwill in St.Petersburg (his hometown). It reads "Pride in Paradise", which he mistook to mean pride in the great Sunshine State, despite the presence of rainbow palm trees printed by the text. His mother informed him of his mistake, but he can't bear to let it go.... he wears it inside out.

The boys had fun on the Blob, but I forgot to bring a swimsuit. (And also, sophomore year two of the biggest guys at school double blobbed me... I went soaring. I'm a little cautious now.)

We went to the Bluff, which has a pretty insane view, then headed home!

Then last night, I made Colton take embarrassing pictures with me. He's such a good sport. (Notice the absence of his glasses... Jeremy accidentally stepped on them, so they're taped together.)

Ps, I don't know if you can tell since it's in a ponytail, but I chopped off my hair!

Perfect. I fought for this shot... I didn't have a tripod, so I had to tie my camera to a broken tree branch and try to balance it at the angle I wanted. My light was fading fast.

He's just the cutest.

He took this one. :)
That's all for now! We also hit up an outdoor concert featuring our friends Third Lobby, but I forgot my camera. Oops! You should check out their tune "I Am a Stone" (Or Napolean. They're tied for my favorite.)


  1. What great pictures Kelly! Love them, especially the one where you hung the camera from the tree, awesome!

  2. WOW. Incredible photos of you and Colton.
    So, so good!

  3. These are fantastic pictures Kelly! Your definitely one of the coolest photographers I know :)

    The story about Bryce's shirt was pretty funny.