Thursday, October 28, 2010


I'll say it again!

That means I'm stressed out :)

I have so much to do this month. Who said that Senior Year was a breeze? They should be punched in the head, because they are deceiving the masses. Today I have due: a reading response on "Retrieving the Tradition & Renewing Evangelicalism: A Primer for Suspicious Protestants" (which is a really, really great volume on Church History. If you're not familiar with Tradition, you should definitely take a gander. So rich.) A project Summary, and a review on Thomas Watson's "Body of Divinity". My biggest midterm is tomorrow, as is a greek test, and a thesis presentation. In November, I have three big book reviews, a symposium analysis, two class-long presentations (in addition to my weekly hour-long thesis presentation...), and a 20 page minimum paper on how failure of subduing the land leads to sexual immorality. And that's only the big stuff :(

I feel unprepared.

In other news, my set design for the film (did I tell you guys about that?) went really well! I'm still in the process of breaking down the set, but everybody loved it. Hurray!
Also, Colton got an impromptu job on a feature film! I probably won't get to see him for a while, but I'm super proud that he's pulling focus for the A camera. Go Colton! And the director and AD have both made several comments about how glad they are he got to come... apparently, he's one the most consistent AC. (Poor team... they lost about half their crew less than a week before the shoot, because the union got involved, so they had to scramble to reassemble a crew. But hey, that's how Colton got called, so I'm pretty glad about their rotten luck.)
Also, I had my first real photo gig! With Andy and Susie, some of April's friends. Here's a few pictures:

(I scanned the film myself. I'm proud.)