Monday, October 4, 2010

Three fall Things!

It's October! It's October!

1) A Fall Song
   composed by: me. And I'm just making this up as I go, so sorry if it's not very good... It's meant to be sung to (sortof) the tune of that one monty python song about the lumberjack.

Fall is a time where the leaves turn gold
And you put on a sweater cause your arms get cold
Appley dumpling a la mode,
It's super delicious, I've been told...
Pumpkin carving is so fun
I etched Frodo in a pumpkin once (which is true, by the way.)
You can fly kites in the nice warm sun
And mix up some cocoa once you're done!

The end.
Ps, here's my Frodo pumpkin. I made it last year for a jack-o-lantern contest at school. I didn't win :(
(But that's okay, cause the guy who won made a swine flu pumpkin which was totally awesome.)

2) Pictures!!!
They're not here yet, but they will be. Colton sent me a roll of Kodachrome in the mail! (it's a type of slide film that has been discontinued. The colors, especially skin tones, are unrivaled.) I just finished off the roll and sent it off to Kansas to be processed. Dwayne's Photo is the only place left in the world which is liscensed to process Kodachrome... and you have to send all rolls in by December 30th. After that, Kodachrome will be no more. So this is probably the only roll I'll get to shoot in a lifetime. I sure hope I used it wisely!

3) Fall drinks!
I was studying for a midterm this afternoon, and so I went into a local coffee shop and ordered a first for me: chai smoothie with a shot of espresso. I like tea and coffee both, but I've always considered them to be in very separate categories. But I asked the barista what he suggested if I was in a chai-ish mood, and he said that he wouldn't charge me extra to add espresso if I tried it and told him how it was. So that's what I did! Lemme tell you - it was delicious. The espresso really cut the sweetness in an incredible way... it was sortof like eating a toasted marshmallow from the inside out. It was sweet and mellow on the surface, but after I swallowed the smokey spices and black pepper from the chai and the earthiness of the espresso stayed on my tongue. And the espresso rounded out any acidity in the chai. I can't wait to try it hot! (It was really warm in the coffee shop and I'm wearing a wool sweater, so I just couldn't handle it hot today)

I can't wait to get my film back.
Also, I bought a pair of Italian leather Cole Haan loafers at Goodwill for $3. Yeah!


  1. I still think that Frodo pumpkin is pretty amazing. And! I can't wait to see your film!! So exciting!!

    I need to scrape up enough money to get some developed at some point ... and I'm sure I'll have several rolls of our Luna puppy soon :)

  2. 1) I remember that awesome pumpkin. I didn't know it was you who carved it!

    2) Please show us those unrivaled skin tones when you get your pictures back!

    3) What an idea! Now I want to try it!

  3. That is without a doubt the best jack o'lantern I've ever seen!

    I once got a free shot of espresso in my chai as well... although I think it was because the coffee shop was about to close for the evening and they would have thrown it away otherwise.

  4. You know Kelly, you are so different. In a totally good way!
    Frodo pumpkins and film cameras and just such thoughtful and interesting things.
    Go you!