Monday, October 11, 2010


Now don't get too excited... I don't mean a vocation type of job. I mean a week-long project.

I'm the art director for Bryce and Colton's new film!

It's called Sunderwater, and it's a prequel to JesusFish, a larger film which will be shot in May.

It's this great southern story about a young boy named Light. In Sunderwater, he visits his grandmother, an elderly, eccentric black folk artist, and she tells him the legend of the Jesus Fish, which has been around since she was a little girl.

I'm in charge of Production Design, so I'm in charge of turning an empty room into a cluttered folk art studio. For $50 or less. I think I can do it, though! I also need to do a few things for the front of a house and a dock, but not as much.

I've made some progress! I bought an old ugly flower painting at goodwill, then painted over it nice and bright, then added snake tongues to the flowerbuds and a scary face to the flowerpot. It's the Garden Gorgon! I love it.

And here's a picture of the painting I did last night.

Pretty folk art-y, huh?


  1. *love*

    I can't wait until you come visit!!

    And don't forget about your other job - photographing Andy and Suzie!!

  2. I'm so excited to hear they are working on more films! I'm sure you will be an excellent art director!

  3. How exciting! I'd love to see your idea of a cluttered folk art studio. Have a blast!

  4. (oops... you have to click on the picture to see the whole thing. Sorry!)

  5. Oh what a neat job, Kelly! Please remember to show us the progress. This looks SO cool.

  6. You called me Precious, and, well, I thought that was pretty precious :) I love your folk drawing! Congrats on the "job"- long term or not- it's experience AND more importantly, fun!