Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Boy

Guess what?

I have a boyfriend.

For the first time.

And I'm happy about it.

This fox of a man is Colton. And he loves me!

Let me tell you about him...

He's incredibly kind.

He's brilliant. (I feel like he might have been a child prodigy, actually...)

He's ridiculously good-looking.

He's super talented.

He can always make me laugh, and he can convince me of pretty much anything.

(Except that pectin is made of lizard guts. Although he did make me doubt myself...)

He loves talking about the big things, not just the small things. And he has a very solid theology, which is really important to me.

He loves his family, and my family loves him.

He wants to be a director of photography, specifically of feature films. And he's on the way!

He plays the guitar, piano, and drums. And he's quite the composer!

He's a super photographer, and reintroduced me to 35 mm.

He can't dance.

He's very good at imitating other people's voices.

He has excellent taste in music, literature, and film.

He cries at good movies.

He raced motorcross, and still loves riding and designing/building tracks.

He's a cat whisperer.

He loves to jump off of high things like cliffs, boulders, or trees. Water underneath is optional.

He used to yo-yo. He placed in a mall competition, which I think is funny.

He lost his new glasses on a boat. (Unfortunate... I really liked them)
He humors me when I pester him to speak in Russian, or do the Vitalik voice, or sing a song.
He consented to eat at the girly tea room for my birthday, and allowed my grandmother to wrap a feather boa around his neck.
Basically, he's a keeper.
We always have so much fun together.

He's spilling his drink on himself.

We were each other's first kiss, and first relationship :)

He's trying to choose his favorite cornbread recipe at the South Pittsburgh National Cornbread Festival (He decided on the "Woo! Cornbread pups", which have a surprise hot dog in the middle)

We like being outside.

And while we're outdoors, we usually take a whole lot of pictures.

He makes a bandana a new level of cool :)

So that's us.
Seven(ish) months, and going strong!
He's in Florida right now, playing guitar for the Grecian Urns' cd opening. They're our band's sister band, and they're fabulous. Check them out on myspace!
(I can't wait for him to get back, though.)
Poll: What's the best way you guys have found to encourage and connect in a long distance relationship? Now that Colton's graduated, he's three hours away :(


  1. Every time I see pictures of you guys, I'm like, is it even possible to be that adorable? I like to call you guys The Beautiful People :)

    As for long-distance, Mark and I don't have much experience in that area except for when he was in Spain. And over the summer, but only freshman year when we weren't dating yet. (But he still came to visit me. Ha!) Basically when he was in Spain, we emailed a lot. AND before he left, I made him this huge care package of sickeningly sweet cards and stupid drawings and the like. And I tried to send him another one, but it got lost somewhere between Tennessee and Madrid ... maybe it fell into the Atlantic. Or maybe crazy European postal workers opened it and got such a kick out of it that they kept it. Who knows?
    Anyway, Mark always said that my cards/letters looked like they were puking rainbows and butterflies, but he liked it. So maybe you could try something like that? (Except for, you can ACTUALLY draw, while I can't. So I'm sure all of yours would look better.)

  2. this post is adorable! so much love and excitement here. the fact that you're eager to keep a connection across the time difference-- is half the battle. make calls. send notes. take trips. and keep on being joyful in your relationship. the rest will take care of itself :)

  3. You are so cute! Aw, I love how much you love him. And your photography is amazing. Keep up the good work, I really like your blog!