Saturday, June 26, 2010

Holy Breakfast, Batman!!!

I just had the best breakfast of the summer.

I was planning on just having a cup of joe... I made some with the beans Mommy got on her trip to Gatlinburg. Highlander Grogg, or something... it's delish. Nice and dark with rum and vanilla flavors!

But anyway, I was lounging on the couch watching Dirty Jobs (one of my favorites), and Mommy poked her head in and said, "Do you want some breakfast?" and I said, "I dunno... what are you going to have?" "Maybe some oatmeal".

I thought to myself I might have some oatmeal too, because that sounded pretty tasty.

But then! She poked her head back in and said, "I going to make a german pancake with fresh peaches on top. Do you want some bacon and an egg too?"

Yes, please.

Needless to say, it was absolutely delicious. I sprinkled some powdered sugar on top, and man. Those peaches were just to die for.

Also, I've been in a slight funk lately... Just a little cabin fever-y, because I don't really know anyone in Chattanooga except for Cassie, and she works every day but the weekend. And I miss Colton. But while I was talking to him on the phone, he encouraged me to make something when I was feeling lonely. (What a smart boy.) When I feel listless, I usually don't feel very inspired, but once I start, I immediately perk up. Here are a few things I've made recently:

(Note, all the metal used (except the earwires) is recycled! Mainly old coins I hammer in the backyard, and a wire basket I found and unwove.)

Colton! I had trouble on his mouth. I may or may not add watercolors.
(ps, do any of you have an etsy account? I was thinking about starting one to sell jewelry, but I don't know if anybody would actually buy any. Is it pretty user friendly?)


  1. oooh your earrings are so pretty! I can't say I know a thing about etsy, but I'm sure people would buy these. They're gorgeous!

  2. the earrings are lovely! really really awesome! your drawing is amazing too!!

    as for the pancakes---well---those sounds heavenly :)

  3. You should totally sign up for etsy! I think your jewelry is fantastic!

  4. that breakfast sounds SO YUMMY!!!
    and the earrings are SO CUTE!!!

  5. Aw, that sounds delicious!
    And I'm kind of relieved to know that you're getting that "cabin fever" feeling as well...of course it would be better if you didn't...but since you do it's kind of good to hear that I'm not the only one! Your earrings are neat. How did you make them? Did it take a long time? I don't know anything about how Etsy works, sorry.

    Hope you're having a lovely day!

  6. Thanks for the compliments, everybody!

    Becca, I make them by taking old dimes and pennies into the backyard and hammering them out on an old ax head (Don't worry! It's legal, as long as there is no fradulent intent.) and then shape them. For the flower ones, I cut petals out with tin shears and bend them with pliers, then file down all the edges. And yeah, it actually takes ages. And it hurts my hands. But I like them anyway :)

  7. German pancakes? That sounds amazing. And peaches? Be still my heart...