Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Girls

This morning I'm going to familiarize you with some of the best girls in the world. (Being my best friends, of course.)

I have a great love of film photography. Since I'm with the girls almost constantly during the school year, they are often victimized by my lens. These are some of my favorites pictures through our schooling. (We're all rising seniors at Bryan College, a tiny conservative Christian school. We love it, and we love being together.)

This is Liz, soon to be my roommate. She loves Toms, good tea, and good music. (She definitely has the best music taste out of all of us.) She's spunky - she's definitely not afraid to speak her mind. This coming year, she's a coleader of the Worldview Initiative - a team that travels around the country to speak to schools about the importance of Worldview and Culture.

This is Rachel, our fearless leader. She's full of excitement and ideas - she's usually the one that comes up with all the fun stuff that we do. ("Girls - we HAVE to do this!!!") She can brew an excellent pot of coffee, and would do absolutely anything for her friends or family. We love to go visit her house in Florida to hit the beach, tour the space center with her Grandpa (he was a NASA bigwig back in the day), and snack on hummus and bagel chips. If you have a problem, Rachel is great person to go to... she is a great listener, and gives out decisive advice. (Which I need sometimes.)
This is Jenny. She's probably the most like me out of all the girls. She's gentle, emotional, and a great comforter. She loves good conversation, caring for people, and constantly wears these ancient, ratty slipper boots. We're all pretty devestated, because this semester she's transferring to another school to get her nursing degree. She's going to be a great nurse! She's worked really hard this year and scored well in her anatomy class! We're all so proud of her.
This is Kate, "the edgy one". But that's mainly just because she has a nose piercing, can booty dance quite well, and has a little bit of a thing for bad boys. (She's not ever dated, though. I'm sure she'll end up with the greatest guy in the whole world.) She is a history buff, and is really organized. She starts writing book reviews at least a month before they're due - we always tease her about it, but we really admire what a hard worker she is. Kate is a sweetie - she's endlessly empathetic, and always sees the best in people. Also, she's a very gifted Violinist. She and Rach will be my sweetmates next year :)

This is Erin. She's hilarious... we never know what she's going to say next. She has this great little Virginia accent, and loves singing along with the Backstreet Boys or Celine Dion. (Her voice is beautiful!) She's really spirited, and would do anything for her friends. She was even enough of a good sport to wear my gold sequin jacket over her dress to a restaurant on her birthday. She's a joy :)

This is Kaity. (Don't worry... she doesn't always wear her makeup like that. She actually doesn't usually wear makeup at all... but we were woodnymphs in a short film, so I tried to make her look slightly... gazelle-ish.) She's our hippie - she's a vegetarian, usually refuses to wear a bra, and loves being outdoors. She dates one of Colton's best friends, so we like to go on double dates whenever we can. She's overseas right now, in an undisclosed place. She was part of the Acts project, which is a missions class at school. The class is mainly preparation for the next summer, which everyone spends abroad interning with a missionary family. We hope you're well, Kaity!

Jenny at the Jr/Sr banquet, which is the biggest event of the year. We went to the Sunsphere in Knoxville, then off to play at Wonderworks.

Kate at Jr/Sr.

Jenny at Greenlife Grocery, trying to pick out some new tea

It's a hard choice sometimes :)

We love produce!

Waiting in line a Ghengis grill... mmm, Mongolian!

We like to go into Chattanooga for girls' night once in awhile - it necessarily includes a restaurant and shopping at Target.

We love to be a little ridiculous once in awhile. This is our getup for a party scene in Silly Squad, a short film shot by a few of our friends.

We love each other :)

Okay, so maybe this is a little cliche...
But I like it anyway :)

We love to go the park and swing, play kickball, or just enjoy the weather.

Lizzie goofs off before we go try "Chicken Planks" at Long John Silvers. Our friend Phillip gets an insatiable craving for them every three years or so, apparently.

At the Broad Street Film Festival
(At which, might I add, Colton won several awards. But more about him later.)

And those are my girls!
With the exception of Cassie, who is my long time best friend at home. I'll save her for another post :)


  1. LOVE these pictures! and the sweet descriptions of your friends!! there's nothing more fabulous than a true-blue group of girlfriends! priceless!!!

  2. Aww, love this post :) I need to come visit you at Bryan this next year sometime so I can hang out with all you super-cool girls.

    Also, in unrelated news ... I really really want to try to learn how to take good pictures with film. I want a cool camera like yours, that you can adjust all the light and stuff. (Clearly, I have no clue what I'm talking about.) Will you teach me while you're here in July? Maybe we can do a photoshoot at Samford.

  3. Wow.
    Are your friends all models?
    I think it must be just your photography. So great! I really enjoyed reading about these people I've never met, just with your pictures and narrative; so much fun!

  4. They all could be! They sure are a beautiful bunch :)