Monday, September 6, 2010

Moments Past - #1


I am putting off my History of Doctrines reading for tonight, so I thought I'd do a little blog post in the meantime...

side note: I usually love to read, but this is one of the hardest textbooks I've encountered so far... "The Genesis of Doctrine: A Study in the Foundation of Doctrinal Criticism" by Alister McGrath. I usually love his writing, but this particular book is terribly theoretical and dense, and has some pretty dang hard vocabulary. I am fishing for sympathy, so I'm going to type a small section of the last reading so you understand and can properly sympathize...

"The facility with which such declarations are made has frequently engendered the suspicion that those engaging in ecumenical theology employ language to conceal differences, rather than bring them into the open. Indeed, it is possible to suggest that the explicandum (if not necessarily the explicatum) of Lindbeck's book is the apparent anomaly which arises when doctrines remain unchanged, and yet cease to be regarded as conflicting."

Dr. Charles, I love you dearly, but I am not sure that I will be able to adequately summarize and respond to the reading.
And let noone ever tell me that Christian liberal art schools have low academic standards.

Now for the actual post...
Sometimes I don't blog because I feel like I don't have anything to blog about. I do alot of homework these days, I'm working on my thesis, and going grocery shopping. I don't think you would like to hear about my exegesis and textual criticism of biblical passages, so I usually wait to blog until I've done something outside of school. Instead of being absent from the blogging world in these in between times, I'm going to pick a special moment from the past and tell you about it!

Moment -
The South Pittsburgh National Cornbread Festival.
I dearly love cornbread, and meeting interesting characters. South Pittsburgh (Tenessee, mind you) is full of both, especially at the cornbread festival. We saw an advertisement in a booklet of events around the south, and knew we had to go. So one sunday afternoon, we drove on down!

Here's some of what we saw:

We were delighted to take advantage of the kettle corn samples. Best I've ever had!
A friend is someone you can confide in.
This cool cat was hanging out near the gourds.

Just to add a little perspective, Jordan, pictured to the left of Maggie, is approximately six foot eight.
There were alot of bikers. There was almost a fight in the grocery store parking lot as we were walking towards the festival.
Digging that Gospel Music.

Phillip is also digging his turkey leg.
We all loved this lady, who worked on the Cornbread Alley. (Ten kinds of cornbread for Two dollars!)
Hers was the clear winner... the "Whoo! Corndog Pups"
Cornbread Kids
I dubbed them "the Chicken-on-a-stick family"
This little one had some pretty fierce dance moves.
We had a whole week's worth of fun in that afternoon.
Plus, we stopped at Dairy Queen on the way back for Dip Cones.
What could be better?


  1. I love all your pictures, perfect depiction of a festival!

  2. My heavens, that book! I could hardly get through that paragraph ... you poor dear :( I hope all your reading isn't that hard.

    Mark is taking me this fall to the festival in Griffin. It should be interesting. He says that people crawl out from under rocks to attend...

  3. That's the mark of a good festival!
    You should see the people that come to the fair rides at the Dayton strawberry festival :)
    Did I tell you there was a game where the prize was a live bunny?

  4. What fun! These pics are great! Can't believe how huge Maggie is!

  5. Dairy Queen dipcones are THE best...mmm...butterscotch...yummmmm. hehe, my name is Maggie! Cute! This looks like fun. I love festivals and parades and fairs. I'm so sad because I'm missing my local fair while I'm in college :( Poooo!!!

  6. Baha! "A friend is someone you can confide in". I would love to know what she is saying!